Gantt View

Gantt View Extension for Sunbird/Lightning

    A Gantt Chart view for Sunbird/Lightning (I'll refer to both as "SB").  It is built from the same core components as the standard views and is generally designed to integrate seamlessly with the existing views and controls.

Latest Release: View release notes here.


The latest fully reviewed release can be installed from

Legacy versions and new releases pending full review can be installed from the Version History Page.



    I had developed a working version with Sunbird 0.2 back in 2005, but in that version of SB there wasn't a good way to integrate additional views as extensions. 

    SB 0.3 provided this, but the move to XBL views meant a complete rewrite, and meant that I had to learn XBL and decipher the various common view functions.  I stopped working on it for a while, but picked it up again after SB 0.7 was released.

    Since then I have managed to get it working with the features listed above, and have spent a lot of my scarce development time keeping up with Lightning beta releases.  I think it's mature enough at this point to unleash upon the world without screwing up everybody's calendars.

Version Numbers

This extension uses a major.minor[.build[.revision]] scheme for versioning.   


Gantt View is currently compatible with Thunderbird 9.0/ Lightning 1.0, and backwards compatible to Thunderbird 3.0 and even Sunbird 1.0b1.  Mozilla's compatibility checker will automatically update the compatibility for new releases of Thunderbird

I have only tested this on XP32 and Mac OS X, so please let me know if you experience problems on other OS's. I have tried to assume nothing about details like scrollbar widths, and calculate most of this as the view is refreshed or use units such as "em" to size elements.

Known Issues

This extension is generally stable, although it has not been widely used until recently.  Please file a bug if you come across any problems.

Planned Features

Bug Reporting/Testing


Locales currently supported: en-US, sv-SE, ja-JP

If you would like to create a localization, please use Babelzilla.


This is my first real Mozilla project, so I'm a little fuzzy on the etiquitte here...

Since I have based this on other SB and Lightning views going back to 0.2, I have listed as contributors every name that I could find on the various pieces of code that I've referenced or reused.  Please contact me if I have left someone out or mistakenly included someone who doesn't want to be associated with my sloppy code!

Refer to the credits listed on the listing for current credits including translators.

Other Projects

In addition to supporting and continuing to develop Gantt View, I am currently working on a related extension which will integrate cost budgeting, forecasting, and tracking into Lightning.  Some of the data storage techniques I'm using for this extension will be useful in implementing a few of the planned features in Gantt View.


Tino D is the official band of Gantt View! OK, so it's actually just my band, and it's been a few years since we played together (I've been spending all of my free time developing Gantt View instead, of course). We have an album available for free download - so use Gantt View to schedule some free time to check it out.

The ganttview project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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