Gantt View Release Notes

Gantt View Release Notes


Since Lightning 1.0 has (finally) been released as a full version, this is the first official non-beta release for Gantt View as well. The AMO compatibility checker has been automatically updating the compatibility with new releases of Thunderbird, so I won't specifically note the compatibility for this version.  I have tested it with TB 9.0

Bugs Fixed:

24597 Day lost when adjusting events ending at midnight
24592 Amendment to Bug 24564 from YearView developer
24564 Gantt View and Year View tabs respond to clicks incorrectly
22129 Make compatible with TB 3.0
21444 Cannot view Ganntview Options on a high res screen - further comments for BUG 21426
21426 Cannot view Ganntview Options on a high res screen

New Features:

The ganttview project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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